How We Went From $10K–$200k in Sales on Instagram Without Spending a Dollar on Ads and How You Can Too.

“If you can sell a product, you can sell thousands of them. It all starts with that first sale.”

I got fired from my job at a tomato farm in mid-November 2019. It was embarrassing and made me depressed for a couple of weeks as it's relatively challenging to find a job in Armidale- it's a small city in NSW, Australia. However, later on, I realised I could invest more time in building my business. Until November 2019, I just…


“Sometimes good things fall apart so that better things can fall together.” — Marilyn Monroe

When it comes to the heartbreak we all can agree on one thing: it really, really hurts. And probably there is no worst feeling than to walk around with a broken heart. Heartbreak is almost certainly the most common form of pain among humans. Although since the very beginning of civilizations, such heartbreaks have inspired some of the greatest arts in the history of humanity, so many of us lack a proper understanding of overcoming it with the least damage to ourselves.

Over the last few hundred years, modern science saw some of the greatest discoveries and inventions from mind-blowing…

Bikash K Rai

I help individuals to build profitable e-commerce businesses.

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